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As we embrace a growing community, we are mindful of our duty to preserve and showcase elements of our city’s heritage with the responsible expansion of our facility through fundraising and alternative forms of funding to support our efforts at the museum. 

Support the Tulare Historical Museum

Express your personal passion for history, the arts, exhibitions, children’s programs and education, and the collection by making a contribution to the Museum! Your donation supports the Museum’s ongoing vitality.
Donors can also make contributions to acquire art and historical pieces for the collection or make outright gifts of them. 

Gifts of Cash

Cash gifts allow the donor to receive full tax benefits if they itemize deductions. Gifts of all sizes are appreciated and can be designated to benefit a particular program or collecting area within the Museum. Click below to make your cash gift today.

Gifts of Art & Artifacts

Giving artwork, historical artifacts and documents ensures that the County’s artistic and historical legacy remains intact and accessible. To donate art or historical materials please complete the form below.

Thank you for helping us preserve Tulare's history!

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