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Estate planning offers donors the opportunity to transform a love of history and art into a lasting cultural legacy for the Museum and for the community

THM Merritt Manor.jpeg

Share our vision for the future of the Museum

as the cultural centerpiece of the community.


Not just for this year, but forever.

Planned gifts help support the Endowment Fund, which has long been the financial driver for the Museum’s budget and has allowed the institution to flourish. The principal of the Endowment Fund is invested to increase over time, and the Museum uses the income it produces to support its general operations and innovative, multidisciplinary programming. Your gift can also support the Tulare Historical Museum’s general operation or be applied to particular programs or acquisitions.


A gift of long-term appreciated securities may provide a preferred tax advantage to the donor by deducting the fair market value of the gift and avoiding capital gains.


The Museum encourages donors to consider establishment of trusts or endowments that will further the Museum’s work through provisions that provide for periodic payments of income to the Museum. All income paid to the Museum is free of income tax.


A bequest can take the form of any of the above ways of giving. It provides a lasting investment in the future.

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