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Two Ways West is a fictional, historical saga, based on genealogy, about two families who travel west for different reasons and in different ways. The Crabtrees journeyed by burro and horse through Mexico, where the family battles marauding bandidos and is befriended by the ferocious Yaqui Indians. Catching a steamer in Mazatlán, they travel up the coast of California, jumping ship in Monterey, and finally settling in the Sierra along the Tule River. Fascinated by the Mormons, Ashbel Post Osborn brought his family by wagon train along the Mormon trail. Surviving Indian attacks and other adventures, they make their home in Grass Valley until a terrible accident happens. Narrated in vivid detail, Two Ways West is the story of these two families, of their hopes and dreams, triumphs and tragedies. It is the chronicle of men and women who rise to the challenges of life and conquer their fears and shortcomings to achieve their hearts' desires.

Two Ways West By Marilyn Meredith

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