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''There was once a time when there was no metal in the Chukchansi people's world…''

So begins this story set in the old days--—before there were cars or television sets, in a time when much of California was covered in swamps, meadows, and forests--—when there lived a boy of the Chukchansi tribe in the foothills of the great Sierra mountains.

Dog Cry is a medium-sized name for a medium-sized boy. He is supposed to look after his little sister, but all he wants to do is run around and adventure in the mountains with his cousins. The thrill of freedom quickly turns to fear, however, when he realizes that his sister has followed him and is in grave danger. Finding courage and skills he didn’t know he had, Dog Cry comes to his sister’s aid, and, for his bravery, the tribal elders give him a new name: Lion Singer.

For thousands of years California Indian elders have used storytelling for entertainment and to teach children values such as love, courage, caution, and responsibility. Lion Singer is just such a tale, presenting Chukchansi culture and familiar relationships in an inviting, heartwarming manner.

Lion Singer By Sylvia Ross

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