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Brooks D. Gist, author of High Sierra Adventure, is a native of Tulare County, California. After making his first trip to the High Sierras at the age fo fourteen, he has been ever enthused and has made annual trips for the past forty years.

He has attempted to put into print many of his experiences, hoping that they may act as a guide and possibly prevent some of the mistakes that are always present in the novices' trial and error attempts.

The purpose of this book, however, is not to give instruction in the mechanics of camping, or hunting, or fishing. The author has introduced many friends to the delights of camp life. He plans to take one or two persons for their first trip each time he goes to the high country. The book was written, he said, in the hope others may be introduced to take up the trail, or to continue following the trails in the future. 

High Sierra Adventure, First Edition

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