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Few Characters in American History have been fictionalized as much as the Dalton Gang. Born in 1892 and raised in Stanislaus County, Frank F. Latta grew up in California with the stories and rumors of the Daltons. From an early age he was exposed to the then-fresh tales of the Daltons. Although from Missouri, the Daltons had family who were farming in the San Joaquin Valley of California. When it became too dangerous for them to continue operations in the Midwest, several of the Dalton brothers made their way out to California and the family farms.
From 1889 to 1898, seven train robberies were attempted in the San Joaquin Valley, between Ceres in Stanislaus County, and Alila (Pixley) in Tulare County. Over the ten-year period, thousands of dollars were robbed from the trains of the San Joaquin, with sheriffs no less than a dozen counties, countless U.S. Deputy Marshals, and Southern Pacific and Wells Fargo detectives in the field looking for the Daltons. 
Latta's Dalton Gang Days portrays the Daltons in an accurate light, with a great deal of material from family sources, including Emmett and LIttleton Dalton. It is a "must have" volume for any collector of or person interested in the outlaws of the old west. 

Dalton Gang Days

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