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A 482 page luxury edition, hard cover, full color, in a 9 x 12-inch format. Also includes an edited video clip of the Capelinhos volcano eruptions filmed by António Furtado in 1957-58 and narrated in Portuguese and English, provided on a DVD inside the back cover. Features photographs of the violent eruption taken by San Jose photographer Manuel Cristiano. Book Coordinator Tony Goulart. Many Authors and Contributors are listed in the book. In an effort to preserve the Azorean immigration history, Portuguese Heritage Publications-after publishing works about the role and importance of the Azorean immigrants in shore whaling, agriculture, and the Holy Ghost Festas-will record the impact of the last wave of immigration from the Azores, the “Capelinhos emigration.” The history of the Azores has been tightly connected and affected by volcanoes, and emigration was often the solution for its socio-economic problems. The eruption of the Capelinhos volcano set in motion the largest and most recent wave of Portuguese emigration to the United States. In a very short period of time-from the late '50s to the early '80s-not only Faial lost a large portion of its population, but the population of the Azores was reduced by more than 160,000 people. Approximately 90,000 immigrated to America. Little of what has been written about Capelinhos focuses on the human aspects of the phenomenon. What happened to those who stayed behind and the ones who left? Portuguese Heritage Publication in cooperation with the Capelinhos 50/California Committee is preparing [has prepared] a book commemorating the 50th anniversary of Capelinhos as a special way to remember the events and the stories of those who suffered with and/or benefited from the opportunities generated by the tragic event.

Capelinhos: A Volcano of Synergies - Azorean Emigration to America

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