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These tales relate to Early California and the men and women who saw her through the years of her infancy. In these stories I have tried to give intimate glimpses into the lives of numerous individuals whom I hav known personally.

In Part - The Spell of the High Country gives a first hand look at the magic to be found in the High Sierra.

Vengeance Delayed - Tells of episodes in the lives of the men who were spawned by the first settlers and who took on another phase of the development of the Great Central Valley.

Part II - The Team - has to do with the life and happenings when the narrator was of an age to take a small part of himself.

Charley-is the true tale of a man who, because of his abilities and ingenuity should have been called superman. He was that much better than most of the capable men developed during a time that tried, tested, and tempered all men until they were tough as an oak tree and as hard as steel. 

These stories are true to established facts, but are laced together with strips of fictional rawhide where the facts had some sort of gaps and the gaps had to be bridged to insure continuity.

They are history in the true sense, but they are a blending of action, adventure, and history. I wanted them to tell a story and make of history a living thing. 

Tales by the Campfire

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