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Richard Zack is a registered civil engineer and former high school English teacher. As a youth and a fourth generation Tularean, he spent his summers traveling canal banks with his father, Tulare Irrigation District's first engineer-manager.


On a venture for history, Richard Zack uncovers truth and chronicles 127 years of Tulare Irrigation District service and its role in California's complex water rights history.Learn about the 1903 Bond Burning Celebration, the 20-year litigation between Tulare Irrigation District and Lindsay-Strathmore Irrigation District-a textbook case still cited by many legal scholars-and the floods of the mid-1900s, with striking before and after photos of landmarks and flood damage.The book includes more than 490 photographs, maps, letters, and drawings, many of which have never before been seen outside private collections.

Quest for Water: Tulare Irrigation District

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