The Packtrip of 1916 is about “a Sierra pack trip that has no rival and never again can have.” The six-week trip was hosted by Senator Reynold Linder during the late summer of 1916 and took place in the Kern River basin of California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. Raymond Bisconer, then a 22-year-old westerner and expert outdoorsman, was the Senator’s ‘man Friday’ on this adventure which included dozens of Linder’s friends supported by eighty-six head of horses and mules. The hunting, fishing and mining adventures experienced, and stories told about them along the trail and around the campfire, are reminiscent of a time long past, but amazingly fresh in Bisconer’s mind as he wrote The Packtrip of 1916 from memory 55 years after the event. Readers of all ages and walks of life will appreciate this story of a lost age in arguably the most beautiful place in the world, the Sierra Nevada of California, at the dawn of the 20th century.

Packtrip of 1916 By Raymond Bisconer