This is an old myth of the Yokuts Tribe of the San Joaquin Valley, as told by Tachi Tom to John Peabody Harrington in 1916. Harrington did not organize and publish his notes. He saved them in wooden boxes and stored them in the basements of churches or with reliable friends with instructions that they were to be sent to the Smithsonian upon news of his death. There were 400 of these boxes.

Harrington was on the payroll of the Smithsonian Institution at the time. He was to save what he could of the language of the Indians of North America, a task he was well prepared for. By nature, he had very accurate hearing. He attended both the University of California and Stanford University here and universities in Germany at Leipzg and Berlin. Harrington died in 1961.


Some of the subjects covered in the book are: Myths, Songs, Basketry, Dance, Rock Paintings, Religion, History. The History begins about 10,000 B.C. 

How Coyote Stole the Sun: The Myth, The Music, and Other Features of the Yokuts

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