Epitaph for a Peach: Four Seasons on My Family Farm

Epitaph for a Peach: Four Seasons on My Family Farm

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Epitaph for a Peach is a lyrical-and delightfully suspenseful-tale about four seasons in the life of a California farm, where the quest to rescue a peach becomes a tribute to the family and to passion for one's work. The story of David Mas Masumoto's Sun Crest peaches begins on the day he turns the bulldozers away from his orchards and vows to give himself one year to find a viable market for the fruits of his labor.

We are invited onto Masumoto's family farm to walk through his fields and orchards beside him, stand on his porch and imagine the farmhouse sailing through the fog like a lost ship, watch the ripe fruit as they bend their branches in the warm summer sun, and share the suspense of Mas's quest to find a home for his peaches. Like an artist bringing a canvas to life, Masumoto welcomes us to see the colors, taste the fruits, and smell the fragrances that permeate his world. Through his vibrant and imaginative prose, our eyes are opened to the magic that can happen when work becomes an act of love. Not content with just making a living, Masumoto cultivates a way of life, lovingly working the land his father farmed before him. His narrative deftly balances the urgent plight of his peaches with a delightful appreciation for the absurdities of everyday life and Mother Nature's mischievous sense of humor.

At once a deeply personal story, a sharp commentary on the state of American agriculture, a lighthearted rhapsody on nature, and an intimate glimpse into the Asian American experience. Epitaph for a Peach is about saving a peach, saving a farm, saving a family, saving a way of life-it is a story about finding "home."