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THM Portuguese Heritage Exhibit!

In honor of Portuguese Heritage Month in June, the Tulare Historical Museum will feature the exhibit, The Portuguese Holy Ghost Festa: A Tradition of Faith and Miracles. It will be on view in the museum’s Depot Gallery from April 15th through July 8th.

The Holy Ghost Festa is based on a miracle that began in the 14th century in medieval Aragon (a historical region of northeastern Spain) with Queen St. Isabel of Portugal. She was an activist for the poor and helped organize ways to feed them when the Azores were ravaged by earthquakes and famine. The miracle involved St. Isabel’s deep faith in the Holy Spirit, where the bread hidden in the folds of her dress were turned into flowers, thus saving her from being found out during an act of defiance.

This tradition of the Festa began with the idea of making the poor "royalty for a day", where they were allowed to eat and dance and escape their lives of misery. A queen was selected, and a crown was placed on her head. She was then escorted through the streets to the local church, where Mass was celebrated. Afterwards, everyone indulged in a feast and dance that was free for anyone to attend. The original meal that was served consisted of bread and meat in a beef broth.

The exhibit will tell the story of the evolution of the sacred Portuguese celebration, from the early 20th century up to the present day. Displays will include the capes and crowns of the Festa, the food and music that are enjoyed, religious artifacts and iconography, and a collection of rare books.

This event is free and open to the public. For more information, contact us at or 559-686-2074.

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