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The New THM: Tulare Historical Museum - Making the Most of COVID-19

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

New changes are happening at the Tulare Historical Museum. Here at THM, we are utilizing this time off to reimagine and reconstruct the museum as a still-relevant staple in our local community. While currently working from home, the team that makes things happen here is eagerly anticipating the day we can reopen our doors once again and share the rich history of Tulare. In the coming months, the Tulare Historical Museum will be implementing new and exciting ways for the community to experience all that we have to offer. Although these changes will start small, our goal is to ultimately continue to grow our organization and establish a more unique and modern museum. A few of these new changes that we would like to update you on are as follows:

  • A new and improved website: 

We know how much you love to connect with what's happening and new at the museum, well with our newly designed website everything from our online Gift Shop to Historical Society Memberships, and this blog will be reachable right at your fingertips. Access to all things Tulare Historical Museum related will be right here on the new and improved THM website. Some new ideas that will be able to be accessed on this website are direct information and tickets for our upcoming fundraisers that we hope to have in the coming months, as well as what to expect in our rotating temporary exhibit gallery.

  • Re-designed logo and brand:

As Tulare and the rest of the country enters into this new post coronavirus era, it called for also entering into a new time for the Tulare Historical Museum. With that comes a new brand logo crafted exclusively by our very own Arts & Cultural Liasion Dawn Sabala. This new brand for THM will still feature our essential values and mission of presenting the history of Tulare to its people and how its history will live on through the museum.  

  • Relevant and timely Blog Posts:

Articles such as this one, posted by our talented staff to our new website weekly, will keep you informed on the reopening of the museum and, of course, continually educating on the exciting history of Tulare. We here at the Tulare Historical Museum believe that it is essential to relay Tulare's history in a new and fun manner that gets people of all ages excited about history. The new THM blog will do just that and more by being the source of all that you need to know about the hidden secrets and fun facts held within the museum. 

  • Virtual Tours:

Our new virtual tours are an excellent way for all of you to experience the museum from your home's comfort. These tours will feature a 360-degree view of our exhibit halls with interactive points throughout for virtual museum-goers to learn more information on more specific artifacts and displays. Its overall intent is to keep the spirit and interaction with our museum alive in our community throughout the rest of the Coronavirus pandemic, while still keeping the safety of our visitors and staff in mind. 

We hope that you love our changes coming to the Tulare Historical Museum and find that everyone will find something new that they will like. Our goal through the remainder of the Coronavirus Pandemic is to launch ourselves into this new era and year, creating bigger and better waves throughout the community, implementing all that we have been hard at work on while away.

We are looking forward to seeing you all soon!

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