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Korean Prisoner of War Story
May 18, 1951-September 1, 1953
Freedom is Not Free by W.L.Jack Doerty: 1st Lt. USAF (Ret)
ZUMWALT, The Life & Times of Admiral Elmo Russell "Bud" Zumwalt, Jr.
by Larry Berman
War Story

$23.09 + tax & shipping
$29.99 + tax & shipping
Tulare Legends & Trivia A-Z
by Derryl Dummermuth
A Town Called Tulare
by Derryl Dumermuth
Tulare Legends & Trivia A-Z
A Town Called Tulare by Derryl Dumermuth
$39.95 + tax & shipping
$29.95 + tax & shipping
Power of the Spirit
Portuguese Journey of Building
Faith & Churches in CA
Richard Bong:
World War II Flying Ace
By Pete Barnes
Power of the Spirit
richard Bong
$50 + tax & shipping
$12.95 + tax & shipping
Wild Tulare County: Outlaw, Rogues & Rebels
by Terry Ommen, Visalia Historian
East of the Great Valley
by Sylvia Ross Story of Merab McCreary
East of the Great Valley
$19.99 + tax & shipping
$17.95 + tax & shipping


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