Tulare Historical Museum Staff

Terry Brazil

Terry Brazil, Executive Director email

Terry Brazil is the Executive Director at the Tulare Historical Museum, and has been with the museum since 1994. Her previous experience includes work at the Bank of America and the law office of Joe Soares. Terry's tasks at the museum are many and include the overall responsibility for the daily operations of the museum, its development, and its programs and services. Some of her other duties are.recording and labeling incoming artifacts, scheduling tours and group visits, and supply acquisition.

Linda Ruminer

Linda Ruminer, Historian-Communications email icon

Linda Ruminer is the Historian-Communications Director. Linda manages the museum's Tom Hennion Archives Center which includes historic Tulare photographs, records, and books. She is also in charge of all communications, press releases, etc. Linda came to Tulare in 1969 and worked in the secretarial field for more than 15 years before joining the museum in 2007.


Chris Harrell
Chris Harrell, Curator email icon
Tulare native, Chris Harrell is the Museum Curator. Chris coordinates the museum's extensive historical collections, as well as the Heritage Art Gallery. A fourth generation Tularean, both maternal and paternal, Chris first began volunteering with the museum in 1994. During that time, he assisted in the formation of the Bob Mathias and Sim Iness Collections, as well as the Military History Wing of the museum. Chris' background includes being an educator & coach, project manager and event coordinator. Chris is a recent veteran of the United States Air Force, where he served in the Security Forces field for eight years.




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